21 Solitaire

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21 Solitaire combines some of the skills of playing blackjack with the simplicity of solitaire. Your task is to score as many points as possible. Here, there are different levels of play, such as: the basic 10, basic 25, casino and a casino extreme. In the game you will have several levels and before playing you can familiarize yourself with a short description of what will be waiting for you in this version.

21 Solitaire is a new game that instantly won the hearts of card and casino lovers. There is a level for beginners to choose from, as well as those who are ready to demonstrate their experience and take risks.

How to play

The goal of the game is to collect cards whose sum does not exceed 21 points. In the initial level, the player adds the received points to his account with each combination.

A more difficult level offers to play big. The player is provided with a game account with the amount of $1000. After making a bet, the player sees his cards and makes a decision. Depending on the result, the score increases or decreases.
For successful decisions and combinations, the player receives medals.

In 21 Solitaire , you can choose the optimal level:
• for beginners – Basic 10 and Basic 25
• for advanced – Casino and Casino extreme

After playing your game, you can see your rating and medals received.

21 Solitaire is an entertaining game that will allow you not only to have a good time and relax, but also test your intuition and luck.

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