Freecell Solitaire
On our site you can play card solitaire game, which has the name Freecell. This solitaire is relatively new, but already quite famous all over the world, because people like to play it. This game allows you not only to have a great time, but also to develop logic and thinking. Freecell solitaire is a little different from ordinary solitaire because it can combine high difficulty and different layouts, therefore it is perfect for those players who are already familiar with the world of solitaire. On our website you can play various games like: Freecell Classic, Freecell Blue, Double Freecell, Green version.

The goal of the freecell solitaire game will be to get all the cards in your cell; the cards will be sorted by suit or rank, each base should have one suit and you will have to arrange the cards in the order from ace to king. While in this game you can shuffle one or several cards from the pile to lay out a card in a free cell. And, of course, the game has an additional bonus – the cancellation of the move.

Freecell solitaire differs from other games because here you can see how many moves did you spend on completing the game and the time you needed to complete the level. Therefore, if you want to play solitaire for more than one day, but for several days, then you can see your best the results, and how much time and moves did you spend on this or that level of the game. Also on our website you can find that type of freecell solitaire where will all your results be stored and you can see what day you were fastest in passing this game.

Believe us, if you already start playing it right now, you can relax after your hard day. This game will bring you incredible joy. What could be better than playing a game that is full of information, of various combinations, that improve your memory, but at the same time relaxes you. Press the start button faster and dive into the world of freecell solitaire!