Spider Solitaire
We assure that everyone knows the wonderful Spider Solitaire game, which is one of the standard games of the solitaire series. On our website, you can find this wonderful game completely free, which you also can play online and do not need to register. The game in a new interface with colorful pictures, with large cards, that will delight anyone who loves these card games. For this solitaire will need 2 decks of cards, 52 cards each, they will be laid out in about 10 columns and the rest of the cards will lie in a pile of an inverted back.

Spider Solitaire rules
The rules of the game are quite simple, you can move cards to an empty space, by the seniority of the card, regardless of its color and mastics. And of course a stack of cards of the same suit lying in order can be moved, like one card, so it really simplifies the passage of the game.

On our site you can find a game of Spider Solitaire with a time limit and with the number of points for each difficult game, or you can find a simplified game that will give you many different tips, so anyone can find that version of Spider Solitaire that he likes best. For example: Free Spider Solitaire, Spider 2 or 4 suits, Spider Classic .You can also choose any kind of difficulty that you like best, for example a game with one suit, two or even four suits. It all depends on your level of solitaire skill, so find the Spider Solitaire game that you like best, press the Play button and spend time relaxing with us.