Tripeaks & Golf Solitaire
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the wonderful free online game Solitaire Three Peaks & Golf. The goal of the game is simple, just to collect all the cards in cells. Put a card one more or one less value, without taking into account the suit, you can put an ace on the king and the king on the ace. The difficulty of this game is that the deck of cards can be reviewed only once, but if you double-click on the card, then this card will be in its place.

This game is perfect for everyday relaxation after monotonous routine work, in fact, you can win the game in such a way if you lay out the pyramid of cards before the deck of spare cards runs out. And on our website you can find this game! You also can have some tips here, you will have a time counter, also the number of your moves, and additional tips that can facilitate the passage of your game.
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Like most versions of solitaire card games, Golf or Solitaire Tripeaks, this game combines luck and ability to plan. You can easily lay out the cards of the triple pyramid using different tips, focusing on a quick victory or you can play strategic and think over every move to get maximum points. You can get bonuses for long sequences, open cards allow you to play more and more combinations. Therefore, when choosing from the same options, the option that opens more cards or a new value will be more profitable. Our website is completely free. Therefore, choose this game and quickly start to play it as soon as possible! Good luck!