Crescent Solitaire 2

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Time to play Crescent Solitaire 2 in the free, online version, and in the best playing conditions! You can expand the field to full screen, see statistics and receive hints without registration. Solitaire consists of decks, from one aces are drawn, from the other kings. Placed in the center, they form “bases”, the rest of the cards are laid out around in the shape of a crescent.

Crescent Solitaire 2 is an entertaining game where you will have to apply not only intuition, but also the ability to create a strategy. The fun will appeal to those who do not like easy decisions and know how to calculate moves in advance.

How to play?

The fun is not like the classic games in the solitaire category. There are 8 cards in the center of the table : 4 aces and 4 kings. Main purpose of Crescent Solitaire 2 – collect the entire deck of cards in ascending and descending order, using the cards that are located around.

To pick up the necessary card, you can move them to the highest or lowest card of the same suit.


The player has three opportunities to shuffle the cards, which are arranged in the form of a crescent.
The game is limited to 15 minutes. To get out of a difficult situation, the player can use a hint or cancel the move.
Crescent Solitaire 2 is sure to appeal to those who appreciate in games not only the opportunity to relax, but also the chance to improve the level of skill in the cards.

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