Crescent Solitaire

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In the game Crescent Solitaire, you will need to fold the cards by suits. In the center of the field, you will have kings and under them it will be aces, and all the other cards will be around you. In this version of the game you have a time limit, you are given 15 minutes to complete the game, but there is a bonus, this is a hint and shuffling of cards.

Crescent Solitaire is an online card game that never gets boring, and the ticking timer keeps the players even more excited.

How to play?

Mission Crescent Solitaire is different from the usual solitaire games. The cards that are located in a crescent must be folded in ascending and descending order into 8 cards in the center. In the middle of the table, 8 cards are open in front of the player : 4 aces and 4 kings. It is here that all other cards should be placed, taking into account the suit and rank.

Cards that are arranged in a semicircle can be moved to higher or lower in rank, but taking into account the suit.
By clicking on the hint, the player can use the help in case of a hopeless situation. When all possible combinations are made, the option of shuffling the cards is available.

Crescent Game Solitaire attracts with bright graphics, an interesting task and unpredictable card combinations.

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