Double FreeCell

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A game for real professionals, because this is a game of Double FreeCell. Here, cards will be dealt in 2 deck. The main aim of the game will be to build all the cards based on the set from ace to king, then again to ace and then again to king. It’s so hard, isn’t it? So try to be vigilant and resourceful, and we wish you a pleasant pastime in this wonderful game.

Double FreeCell is a bright, exciting card game that will captivate for a while with its intricate combinations and layouts. The entertainment involves 2 decks of cards, which will complicate the task.

How to play?

The main task of the player is to collect 4 decks of cards, sorting them by suit. In Double FreeCell uses 104 cards, which are laid out on the table in 10 rows. In addition to the base cells, the scoreboard has 6 free slots.
In the game Double FreeCell involved the top cards in each row, as well as cards from free cells. You can move one card at a time, placing it on an empty space or on a card of a higher rank and opposite color.


The player can change the format of the values on the cards: increase or decrease. The timer counts down the game time – 20 minutes. Among the available functions: pause, score counter, cancel move and restart the game.

Double FreeCell is an extraordinary game that will train the attention and logic of the participants, as well as help to relax and unwind.

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