Egypt Solitaire

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Go on a real, fascinating journey through ancient Egypt, solving the mysteries of the greatest pyramids together with our free online solitaire game. Thanks to which you can solve all the Mysteries of the Ancient World. Hurry up because the game is already in full swing and you have not entered yet.

Egypt Solitaire is a card game whose rules are reminiscent of solitaire games. The graphics and design of the game will take players to an overseas country to the ancient sphinxes and pyramids.

How to play?

The participant’s task is to clear the table of cards. In order for the cards to disappear, just click on two cards, the sum of which is 13 points. This requires minimal mathematical knowledge.

The king is worth 13 points, so it does not require a pair in the game. The value of a lady is 12, a jack is 10, and an ace is 1. Additionally, you can open cards from the layout below.

When the available moves are exhausted, you can use the joker. It pairs with any card. Cancellation of the move is useful in case of inattention and a mistake.
Train your attention and quick reaction by playing Egypt online Solitaire .

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