Fairway Solitaire 3

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Fairway Solitaire 3 is an excellent solitaire game that will definitely suit for beginners and children. Before starting the game, you will learn the essence of the game, click on the card that is higher or lower in the deck and collect the deck completely. For each new open card, you will receive points. The rules of the game are simple as always, so start to play faster and enjoy the game.

Fairway Solitaire 3 is a fun and amusing card game with colorful graphics that young players will love.

How to play?

The player must go through several rounds, which are depicted as buttons on the track. Hidden behind each round is a card game. The main task of the game is to collect all the cards from the center of the table to the pile at the bottom. You can move to a card higher or lower in rank, regardless of suit. For each correct move, the player receives coins and moves on to the next level.

You can use earned coins to buy additional options, for example, cancel a move, extra cards.
Cartoon characters, an interesting story, exciting card combinations are created for beginners.

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