Free Classic Solitaire

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The original version of the Free Classic Solitaire is well over 20 years old. Here you are invited to lay out a deck of cards by suit. For all this you will have 10 minutes of time and for each correctness of the conduct you will receive score which you can see in the top left corner of your screen. Faster go into this game and start playing.

Classic Solitaire is a popular online card game for solitaire lovers. The game requires calmness, concentration and minimal intellectual effort. The fun lies in sorting the cards according to their suit from ace to king, given certain rules and algorithms.

How to play?

The main task of the player in Classic Solitaire sort the cards into four decks, starting with the Ace. To free each hidden card, the player clicks and drags it to another location. It should be remembered that you can place the lowest rank on a card with a higher value and a different color. When there are no moves left.

10 minutes are provided for playing solitaire. The timer is always on the screen in front of the player. For each successful move, the player receives points.
The game is over when there are no more moves left or when all cards are stacked according to suit.


Classic Solitaire offers two variants of the game with a match of one card, as well as three, which is more difficult and requires more attention.
The sections at the top of the screen are:
• undo move
• additional instructions
• timer
• hints

In a hopeless combination of cards, the player can always use help.
The game is suitable for those who prefer to have a pleasant and quiet time, train their attention, logic and just relax.

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