Freecell Blue

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All you need to do in this Freecell Blue solitaire game is to move all the cards from your tableau to the upper right corner in their cells. 4 free cells will store cards of the same suit and you can also see on your screen the number of moves, that you spent going through this version of the game.
Have a good game!

Freecell Blue is a game that has been popular for many years. It is played by both adults and children. Extraordinary combinations of cards, easy rules, clear instructions attract more and more users. After an active day Freecell Blue is the perfect option for rest and relaxation .

How to play?

52 cards are laid out in front of the player on the table in 8 rows. The goal of the Freecell game Blue – move all cards, sorted by suit and collected in ascending order. Here the ace is considered the lowest in seniority, the king is the highest. Cards should be moved to empty cells with a suit sign.

To release the necessary cards, rearrange the cards to those that are higher in rank and of the opposite color.
The presence of free cells on the left simplifies the Freecell game blue . Cards that interfere can be placed there, and if necessary, returned to the line.

The rich color of the canvas, clear graphics, interesting combinations of cards and intricate tasks arouse interest and excitement, allowing you to forget about reality.

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