Hearts Card Game

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If you are tired of playing alone, then this is exactly the game Hearts Card Solitaire game for you. After all, in all solitaire collection you can find that game that can be played not alone, but with as many as three rivals. So this game is doubly difficult, but also doubly interesting. Go faster and start playing the game without losing even a minute.

Hearts is an exciting card game at a table with three players. Entertaining entertainment will appeal to those who do not like to play alone.

How to play?

The rules of the Hearts game are not complicated and you can find them in the help. The game involves four people. The game ends when someone has received a total of 100 points for all rounds. The player with the lowest score wins. Each heart card adds 1 point to the score.
You can toss a card of the same suit with which the first player made a move.

Having collected 13 “hearts”, that is, 26 points, and the queen of spades, the player resets his account, and the opponents receive 26 points each.

Tips appear on the screen initially, which will make the task easier for beginners. It is easy to control the game, and the graphics and appropriate soundtrack make the entertainment more realistic. By playing Hearts , you will be able to relieve tension, get rid of stress and have a good time.

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