Klondike Classic Solitaire

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Do you want to play the easiest Klondike Classic Solitaire online for free, without registering in social networks and viewing ads? Then welcome to Klondike Solitaire, the oldest game in the family, where the ultimate goal is to arrange the deck in numerical order of each suit, alternating when sorting red and black cards. Do not hesitate, press “Play” and have a wonderful journey!

Klondike Classic Solitaire is an addictive game that you can have fun with and also test the theory of randomness. To win, it is enough to fold the cards from the table into four cells.

How to play?

7 cards are open in front of the player on the table, the remaining 28 will need to be opened and added in ascending order of rank. When all possible options are completed, the player can open the selection. Cards in a pile are available for viewing all an infinite number of times.
Klondike Classic Solitaire won when the cards from the table and from the pick pile are arranged into four cells.

Easy and hard Klondike level available Classic Solitaire differs in the number of cards that are opened in the selection, one and three, respectively.


The timer, the counter of the number of moves, the points received give a special excitement to the fun. In case of an error, you can always use the function. The participant’s rating is tracked on the screen, which is even more inciting.
With unique casual game Klondike Classic Solitaire is easy to forget about problems and just relax.

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