Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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A real collection of your favorite solitaire games in Microsoft Collection. Here, in one application are collected as many as five best solitaire card games. To start the game, click on the solitaire game that you want to play, it can be Klondike, spider, pyramid, FreeCell, or Triple Peaks and start plunging into the wonderful world of cards.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a collection of popular card games from the solitaire family. There is sure to be entertainment for both beginners and professionals.

Member can choose from Microsoft Solitaire Collection your favorite game or try each of them:
• Klondike – cards must be collected in the “house” cells in sequence from king to ace, taking into account the suit.
• Spider – remove cards from the table, having previously collected them in columns in descending order of seniority.
• Free cell – sort cards by suit into four cells.
• Pyramid – clear the table of cards by combining them into pairs, the sum of the values which will be 13.
• Three Spades – build a deck by choosing cards with a value higher or lower in rank, regardless of suit.

Playing Microsoft Solitaire Collection , you will be able to have a good time, train your ability to concentrate and improve your mathematical skills.

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