Old Fashioned Solitaire

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Here is the classic spider solitaire and before starting the game you can choose the difficulty of level in which you will play: easy, normal or hard. According to it there will be the number of suits. So the game is great for both beginners and for those who are already good at playing games of the solitaire collection. There will be bonuses in the game, as well as the number of steps that you spent to complete level.

Old fashioned Solitaire is a card game that has gained popularity among children and adults. With such fun, you can have a great rest, relax and at the same time train your ability to concentrate and hone your skills in cards.

How to play?

Quest in Old fashioned Solitaire – collect all cards from the table into 8 free cells from king to ace. The game has three levels of difficulty, which are based on the number of suits involved: one, two or four. Beginners are advised to start with the easiest level.
The cards are laid out in front of the player in 10 rows face down. Only the top card is revealed. The player moves one card or several placed in the correct order to a card higher in rank, but of the same suit.

If the cells in the rows are free, you can move any card there. When a sequence from king to ace is collected in a row, the stack automatically moves to free cells at the top of the screen.

Player _ fashioned Solitaire can keep track of the progress of the game using a timer, turn counter, bonuses received and stars for winning combinations.
With the game fashioned Solitaire time will fly by quickly and excitingly.

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