Patience Klondike

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Playing the incredible Patience Klondike game can help you to be in real Las Vegas, where will you play it. The goal is to sort all the cards onto their cells, starting to fold the card with the ace, in this game you can move one card or even group of cards to fold the column from the card, which can then be moved to this cell. If you were not familiar with the game you can also read the detailed rules, when click on “Play”.

Patience Klondike is a classic game that involves sorting cards by suit. Simple rules, bright graphics, additional options make the game a great relaxation anywhere and anytime.

How to play Patience Klondike?

Task Patience Klondike is no different from other casual games. The participant must sort the cards and move them from the table to the four empty cells at the top of the screen.

The cards are laid out in 7 rows. Only the top card is revealed. To open a row further, they must be moved to the highest in rank and of the opposite color. If the cards are collected in descending order, you can move the stack.
When the possible moves are exhausted, use the selection in the left corner. Here, cards can be opened one by one or three, depending on the selected difficulty level.

Single functionality card Solitaire has everything you need to make the game fun and enjoyable. The player has access to :
• timer;
• counter of completed moves;
• points earned counter;
• cancellation of a move;
• Main menu.
Patience Klondike game is a universal fun that does not require special skills and abilities, just the desire to have a good time.

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