Pyramid Solitaire 2

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We are glad to present you the game Pyramid Solitaire 2, which is gaining more and more popularity. The goal of the game is to remove pairs of cards that add up to 13 cards, which is equivalent to the highest card in the deck from a pyramid of 28 cards. The game is quite interesting but whether you can handle the game layout, it remains the most important question.

Pyramid Solitaire 2 is a fun game that doesn’t look like the standard solitaire games. The player requires attention, as well as minimal mathematical skills.

How to play?

A pyramid of cards is open in front of the player, as well as a stack for selection. Purpose of Pyramid Solitaire 2 is to dismantle the pyramid. To do this, you need to add pairs of cards, which in total will give 13 points: 4 and 9, 5 and 8, 2 and jack, queen and ace. The king is always alone.

You can combine both cards in the pyramid, and combine them with selection. For each successful combination, the player receives points.


The screen provides a counting function, a timer, as well as a counter of completed moves.
Also, the player can use the cancel move, instructions or start a new game.

With the game Pyramid Solitaire 2 is nice to sit in silence, take a break from the outside world, concentrating only on the cards. Such fun will be an excellent math simulator for children.

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