Refuge Solitaire

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In the Refuge Solitaire game you will feel yourself on the shore of the lake your country house. Your task will be to move all the cards from the piles at the top of the playing field. Connect the suit to each king and drag the entire deck of cards to those suits of aces that belong to this deck, the game will be over when you collect all four decks of cards.

Refuge Solitaire is a beautiful card game that you can have a great time with even at the edge of the world. Entertainment requires concentration and logical thinking.

How to play?

Refuge Player Quest Solitaire – remove all cards from the outer semicircle of the scoreboard into eight main cells – 4 kings and 4 aces. Cards should be stacked in ascending and descending order, taking into account the suit. In a semicircle, cards can be moved to a card higher or lower in rank, but the same in suit. 20 minutes are allotted for the game.


When the available moves are exhausted, the player can take advantage of additional features:
• 3 hints highlight cards that can be moved;
• 3 possibilities to shuffle cards in a semicircle;
• cancel move.

The participant can save the progress of the game if necessary and continue playing when the opportunity arises.

The bright design of the table with the image of bewitching landscapes will help you completely escape from reality and immerse yourself in the world of cards.

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