Royal Vegas Solitaire

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The name of the game speaks for itself and in this game you will be in a wonderful Vegas. Here, you will need to create a poker hands on the table, and so on. Before starting the game, you will go through small rules to navigate in this version of the game. You also have time limits. We wish you good luck!

Royal Vegas Solitaire is an original combination of poker and solitaire games. Fans of card games will definitely add this entertainment to their list of favorite online games.

How to play

The main goal in Royal Vegas Solitaire – add up winning poker hands. Each new card from the selection should be placed in empty slots on a field of 25 cells. An additional three cards will allow you to open the joker, which replaces a card with any rank and suit.
The game takes place in three rounds – three decks are laid out. The game timer is 5 minutes.


At Royal Vegas Solitaire participant can follow the progress of the game on a large field with cells. Among the functionality, the following options are available to the participant:
• hints with winning combinations in poker
• timer

Royal game Vegas Solitaire is sure to appeal to those who are not indifferent to poker and like to stack solitaire games.

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