Single Card Solitaire

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In this online version of the Single Card Solitaire (Klondike Solitaire turn one) game, the alignment does not require haste, but the opportunity to gamble and focus is also provided. For each first card in the foundation points are awarded, and each shifted for sorting will bring more points. Before the game starts, you can choose 1 or 3 draws. Ready to try Klondike Solitaire now? Enjoy your passage!

Single card Solitaire is a popular game for those who love cards and have a good time. To win, a little attention, the ability to concentrate and logical thinking are enough.

How to play?

Task in Single card Solitaire is quite simple and straightforward – sort and move all the cards to four empty cells. If all possible moves are completed, use the selection. Cards can be moved from row to row, as well as to empty cells. You can move either one card or a stack of cards collected in ascending order of rank.

Return to the selection is not possible. Cards that are turned face down are revealed automatically as soon as all cards are removed from them. In the empty slots among the rows, you can place cards, starting with the king.
Single card Solitaire created for rest and relaxation . At the same time, the participant can test his logic and improve his mathematical abilities.

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