Solitaire HD

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A game for beginners and olds. A game that you can play alone or with friends. A game full of surprises and new things. And all we are talking about is in one game. Everything that you love so much in the free online game Solitaire. So hurry up here and do not miss your chance, click on the Play button and enter the game.

Solitaire HD is a card game designed for one player. The player’s task is to sort the cards into four piles according to the suit.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to arrange cards from 7 columns into four groups in turn from ace to king and place them in the “house” cells. Cards in the rows can be moved to the next card in seniority and opposite in color.

You can also move a group of cards if they are stacked in descending order.
Only the king can be placed on the vacated cells.
From the reserve, the player can only pick up cards one by one or three, depending on the chosen level of difficulty of the game.

In Solitaire HD, the player will need minimal intellectual effort, a little luck and free time

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