Three Towers Solitaire

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Here is a free online solitaire game Tri Peaks or Three Towers, which are already known to many people. And in this game, before you start, you will familiarize yourself with its rules, so it is ideal for both beginners and for more experienced players. So quickly press the “Play” button, earn points and become the real leader of card games.

Three Towers Solitaire is one of the popular card games with great graphics and exciting tasks.

How to play?

The main goal of the game Three Towers Solitaire – Remove cards from the table. The cards are laid out in front of the player in the form of three spades. The bottom row of each pyramid is open to the player. Cards must be moved to an empty cell at the bottom. You can move one card higher or lower in rank. When all possible moves are completed, you should pick up a card from the selection by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

The bright design of the game, interesting tasks, the opportunity to try your luck and train your ability to concentrate make the game more and more popular among schoolchildren and adults.

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