Word Solitaire

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Have you ever covered word solitaire? Before starting the game, you will have to choose your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced level. After which Sudoku cells or how we call it – Wordoku, will open and you will need to insert the corresponding letters into the correct places. The game is quite exciting but rather difficult.

Word Solitaire is an exciting yet unlike any other solitaire game. The game does not involve cards, but words.

How to play?

Word task Solitaire fill the cells of the playing field with letters. There are 9 squares in front of the player, each of which has 9 cells placed in a 3X3 format. Some of them contain letters. The goal of the player is to fill all the cells with letters that are presented under the playing field.

The main rule is that letters should not be repeated in a column, in a row or in a 3X3 block.


At the bottom of the screen, various functions for the player can be presented:
• cell first – first the player clicks on the slot, and then on the letter that needs to be placed there;
• letter first – click on the letter and only then on the cell that this letter will occupy;
• reminder – this option will help fix a possible variant of the letter, which still needs to be confirmed.

Word game Solitaire is not just entertainment, but also a great opportunity to improve your concentration skills and activate logical thinking.

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