Golf Solitaire Pro

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To start the Golf Solitaire Pro game, you need to choose your difficulty level. There is an easy level where aces and kings can be put on top of each other so that they move in the deck in any direction, as well as a hard level where kings cannot play on top. And if you are not familiar with the rules, that is help button for additional information and explanation of the rules.

Golf Solitaire Pro is a colorful game whose main goal is to collect cards from several rows into one deck. The name of the online game was due to the image of golf holes on the card shirt.

How to play?

In Golf Solitaire Pro has two levels: easy and hard. The player’s task is to remove the cards from the table as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of moves.

In front of the player, the cards are presented in 7 rows. Below is a stack of cards face down. You need to move the card to the previous or next in rank. The suit doesn’t matter. To move a card to a pile, just click on it.

If all possible combinations are completed, you should take a card from the selection.
Golf Solitaire Pro is sure to win the attention of the player for more than one hour. With such entertainment, not only have a good time, but also improve mathematical abilities and the ability to analyze.

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