Spider Solitaire Big

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One of the most popular solitaire game is Spider Solitaire Big. Here you are offered three types of layouts with one, two and four cards. At the beginning of the game you will be given 500 bonuses and with each new open card, one point will be deducted. On your playing field, you can see how many steps you did and how much time spent on passing this game.

Spider Solitaire big is a classic game that is known to every fan of casual entertainment. Larger format maps are opened on the screen in front of the participants, which makes the images clear and easy to read.

How to play?

The task of the game Spider Solitaire big is to sort and remove all cards from the table. It is necessary to collect the rows in descending order. The suit in this type of entertainment does not matter, which simplifies the passage. There are some restrictions, for example, you cannot place a king on an ace. Any cards can be placed in empty cells.

When a complete row is collected, it is automatically transferred to special cells. From the selection at a time, 13 cards are laid out on the table. Re-transfer is not provided for by the rules of the game.

Spider Solitaire big is an extraordinary game that captivates for a long time and challenges every player.

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