Eight Off Solitaire

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The best Solitaire games on our site are completely free and require no registration! The goal of the Eight Off Solitaire game is to collect all 52 cards from the ace to the king by proper suit. Each free cell can contain only one card. The top card of any row of the table can also be moved to any free cell in this Solitaire game.
You definitely like this game no matter who you are: professional or beginner. Good luck!

Eight Off Solitaire is a popular online card game that you can play anytime, anywhere.

How to play?

The player’s task is to sort a deck of 52 cards laid out on the table. Collect cards should be on 4 base cells in the right corner. In total, the player has 8 free slots. In 4 of them, at the beginning of the game, there is one card each.

The player can move one card between the columns of the scoreboard. They are only allowed to be moved and placed on a higher card of the same suit. A group of cards can only be moved if it is collected in descending order.

Eight Off Solitaire is the perfect game to relax and pass the time.

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