Double Australian Patience

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The game Double Australian Patience is simply as usual solitaire game. But this new version that is much more interesting. The rules are the same, to move all cards to the four foundations at the top right corner by suit from A to K. Only a K can be moved to an empty tableau pile by building is down by suit. Cards should empty the playing field and the game will be ended. Have a good game!

Double Australian Patience is a game with a difficult task, the solution of which will require maximum concentration and patience. With such a hobby, it will be interesting and definitely not boring.

How to play?

The player must move the cards to the four main cells in the upper right corner. The main condition is that they must be of the same suit and arranged in ascending order: from ace to king.

The cards are arranged on the table in 7 rows. You can move any number of cards from row to row, regardless of the order. It is important that as a result of the move a suit sequence is created.

In the upper left corner is a selection stack. It is recommended to pick up cards from here only when all possible combinations in the rows are completed. Cards from the selection are available only 1 time.


The player has access to instructions on the game, a timer, a counter of cards collected in cells, as well as the ability to take a break.
Double Australian Patience is an exciting card game that is sure to arouse interest and excitement, as well as perfectly train patience and perseverance.

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