Yukon Klondike Solitaire

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Welcome to Yukon Klondike Solitaire, a free online version of the game with 1 deck of 52 cards. An unusual and difficult test awaits you, because according to statistics, not every attempt to play Yukon solitaire is successful. But you can observe a convenient online game with the ability to cancel the move, which means that the chances of winning are growing. Get started now!

Yukon Klondike Solitaire is a tough nut to crack among solitaire games. Entertainment conquers from the very first moves with difficult tasks and bright design.

How to play?

There are 52 cards in several rows on the table in front of the player. Each row contains open and closed cards. The main goal of the Yukon Klondike Solitaire to build 4 decks in ascending order, taking into account the suit: from Ace to King .
You can move any open card, regardless of how many cards are on it. They will move together. Thus, you can get the card that you need to fold the deck or turn over the closed ones .


Yukon player Klondike Solitaire can keep track of the number of moves made and the time. The timer can be stopped using the pause option. Available features include:
• cancellation of a move;
• turn on the game in full screen;
• participant statistics;
• restart or start the game with a different combination of cards.

Yukon Klondike Solitaire instantly captivates, making you forget about pressing problems and completely immerse yourself in the maelstrom of cards.

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